Risk Management Support Services

VCM’s Risk Management Support Services are offered both to our VCM TPA Clients, as well as unbundled to VCS Consulting Clients. In an economy where we are seeing many mergers, and still a reduction of risk management staffing; or we are seeing Physician Groups forming programs where they have no formal risk management programs we see a strain at times on the risk managers of our programs.

VCM has partnered with OmniSure, Inc., to provide supplemental Risk Management Services. These services can range from:

  • Development and presentation of education;
  • Designing physician office assessment processes;
  • Developing reporting requirements in facilities;
  • Supporting long term care programs in their specific risk management needs.

To learn more or for a quote for services, please contact VCM Marketing Department at 724-934-6626 or email Haileigh Senatore