VCS-VCM Consulting Solutions

Early in our history, VCM learned that to limit ourselves to working only with clients who fully outsource their claims was severely limiting and did not allow for programs who manage their claims through an in-house team to tap into our expertise when they needed it.
Through VCS, our consulting arm, we do several things: (1) We agree not to seek your TPA business in connection with our consulting; (2) We will unbundle the TPA services we offer in order to partner with your program, whether over time or for a single project; and (3) We will be a neutral third voice to you and your program in our recommendations and will stay with you through the implementation of any accepted recommendations we make. These services may include:

  • Claims process audits;
  • Building or Restructuring an in-house claims team;
  • Providing opinions as to allocations of difficult cases for the National Practitioner Databank required reporting;
  • Providing a temporary local claims presence for programs coming into a new state

Our consulting is as varied as the healthcare industry. It is a strength we bring to the market. We believe that all claims teams, in-house and VCM’s teams deserve the best processes and tools with which to manage your claims.
To learn more or for a quote for services, please contact VCM Marketing Department at 724-934-6626 or email Haileigh Senatore