Medical Malpractice Claims Management

We begin with remaining open to our clients’ needs. We believe that flexibility combined with creativity and claims and litigation management best practices must be combined to allow for the development of a claims team and services to meet your needs. We approach our services from two levels:

(1) dynamic and proactive claims and litigation file management in partnership with our clients and counsel; and

(2) providing performance and trending information to your Board as a partner in running a successful insurance company.

VCS-VCM Consulting Solutions

VCM recognizes that it is financially advantageous for some healthcare professional liability programs to manage their claims in-house rather than outsourcing to a TPA. However, sometimes you may want some advice, a process audit to be sure your in-house program is following guidelines and best practices; or you need specific project work to be performed by an outside source. Our philosophy is that our knowledge should be available to all programs, no matter the claims structure. This is why VCM will unbundle all of our TPA services. As most TPAs will not unbundle their services, this is one more way VCM stands out from the crowd in our market.

Risk Management Support Services

In the world of Healthcare, most companies are being asked to do more with less...and succeed. Many in-house and captive/self-insured programs are now searching for solutions. How can we help? VCM is proud to announce our newest additional service, Risk Management Support Services. Our experienced risk management personnel, at times in conjunction with our national chosen vendor of choice, can help a Risk Manager wade through the waters of education, compliance, loss control, and proactively managing the landmines of legal, claim, and nursing related issues that can, and will, arise.

Program Design Development

Whether you are looking to build your claims team in-house; your system is integrating and merging facilities; or has recently included physician coverage into an existing program, these changes require significant Program Design and Re-Design. VCM can help. We use a three prong approach to these services:

(1) Actively Listen;
(2) Analyze and Recommend; and
(3) Build and Implement