As Clear as iCE

iCE is CCMSI’s proprietary Risk Management Information System. iCE is a powerful claim analysis and reporting tool that makes accessing your data as transparent as it sounds. With iCE, you can view all of your claims by type, date-of-loss or a long list of powerful, user-defined filters. Or drill down to view any claim in detail, including the adjuster's notes and bill images.

With iCE, you'll know everything we do. And our paperless document management has helped companies realize substantial cost savings by eliminating the cost of printing, mailing, and storing documents, enabling adjusters to close claims sooner, expediting the bill paying processes, and preventing the loss of important documentation caused by natural disasters.

The Advantage is Clear

With iCE, you have the ability to enhance and better manage your risk management processes by utilizing the following analysis and reporting features.

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Initial Reporting

Create initial Report forms online in iCE or send us claims via web service or a custom built interface. We also offer custom reporting for specific industries, such as Accident Reports, built specifically for our transportation clients.

Executive Summary Dashboard

When all you need is a high level summary, our Executive Summary Dashboard allows you to view and customize a broad overview of your risk management analysis.

Claims Analysis

We offer a powerful and flexible query capability that enables you to view claims in detail or at a much broader level.

This analysis tool allows users to view a variety of data within claims in either one or two summary levels. Results can be drilled down further to find specific information.


The MyReports function, CCMSI’s enterprise reporting engine, gives our clients the ability to create custom reports to access their data, export it to PDF or Excel format, and schedule systematic report delivery directly to their email inbox or post to iCE. From loss runs to check registers, MyReports offers you countless possible combinations of data for your analysis.

Stewardship and Benchmarking

Utilizing historical trends and other benchmarking sources such as WCRI and IDS, we can perform regular and detailed analysis on our collective performance. As your TPA partner, we will deliver extensive performance metrics to drive the success of the claims management program.

Comp MC

MyReports also allows you to run managed care reports for Comp MC, CCMSI’s managed care program. You have the ability to choose any number of reports from our library – such as PPO penetration or savings by a specific location.

OSHA Reporting

We take the work out of generating required OSHA logs. Claims data that was entered into the Initial Report is compiled for the OSHA 300 (Log), 300-A (Summary) and 301 (Incident Report) forms. No duplicate data entry process is required and logs may be printed at any time for any location.

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When you're on the go, our convenient iPhone and Tablet app gives you another powerful way to access the facts you need, including summaries of new and open claims. So you're always armed with the knowledge it takes to make smart, informed decisions, whether you're at your desk, in the boardroom or in a hotel suite halfway around the world.

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