Self-Insured Groups

We Work Together So You Move Ahead

At CCMSI, we created a self-funded program that takes into consideration the needs of you and your members. When you’re ready to pursue the self-funded option, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. We will meet with your association to evaluate your needs, provide a program development study and obtain the operating authority required to put your plan in place.

When it comes to the numbers, we will provide you all the accounting services that deliver the financial reporting required for your members and various regulatory authorities. And our extensive underwriting ensures underwriting discipline across all operations. We help you optimize risk selection, pricing and portfolio management.


Once your program is up and running, we’ll assist you with all of the following:

  • Client service — answering coverage/billing questions
  • Issuance of quotes and invoices
  • Collection of member contributions
  • Setup and maintenance of member control sheets
  • Issuance of certificates of coverage
  • Development of program policies and procedures manuals
  • The obtaining of excess and department of insurance approvals
  • Placement and monitoring of receipt of excess policies and endorsements, payment and excess premiums
  • Performance of all accounting and financial reporting functions
  • Handling of daily cash receipts and disbursement transactions
  • Submission of required data to National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
  • Calculation of payroll audits, claims retro adjustments
  • Performance of renewal functions (annual and mid-term)
  • Attendance and contribution at board of trustees meetings, educational meetings and seminars


Our comprehensive management services include:

  • “Visions” — System for Program Management
  • Program feasibility studies
  • Underwriting analysis — member and group
  • Excess submissions
  • Billing — initial and retro
  • Linked claim systems
  • Payroll audit analysis/billing
  • Services customized by association — proposal formats, credit schedules, underwriting evaluation
  • Planned — further integration — accounting

Accounting Services

When it comes to the numbers, we’ll provide all the financial reporting required for your members and various regulatory authorities, including:

  • A monthly financial statement package
  • Investment analysis
  • Reserve/IBNR analysis
  • Compliance testing — to ensure compliance with all applicable quarterly state tax filings
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Actuarial study coordination
  • Coordination of annual audit with independent CPA
  • Account receivables — collection of monthly premiums, invoicing, A/R recommendations and analysis, if necessary, coordination of collection and legal services
  • Coordination of payroll audits
  • Funding analysis
  • Board meeting presentation
  • Accounts payable services
  • Bank reconciliation and funding

Underwriting Services

Through our extensive underwriting services, we’ll help you:

  • Develop and send underwriting surveys to members
  • Develop or update underwriting standards and procedures
  • Perform underwriting analysis to determine feasibility and viability of programs
  • Assemble and submit new and renewal underwriting information to the excess carrier
  • Negotiate appropriate terms and conditions with excess carrier
  • Review and approve/decline potential new members
  • Analyze reserves and incurred losses
  • Develop loss triangles to calculate IBNR
  • Determine actuarial implications of IBNR
  • Complete aggregate claim tracking reports
  • Provide risk management analysis on an ongoing basis

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