Property and Casualty

Whether it's damage from a fire or an accident on the job, we cover the property you see and the problems you never see coming.

Wherever you find the potential for gain, you’ll find an exposure to risks. At CCMSI, we provide the comprehensive property and casualty coverage analysis and claims handling you need to mitigate those risks. So you can focus your energy on taking the next big step.


Disasters happen quickly. When they do, we act just as fast, working to ensure that your property claims are managed accurately and efficiently. From the initial investigation to salvage and recovery, we’ll partner with you to recapture your losses along the way. We’ll also help you interpret your policy, determining if the damages are actual cash value or replacement costs and if any co-insurance applies.

General Liability

When it comes to general liability, we’re an industry leader in coverage analysis. From bodily injury and property damage to environmental liability, we’ll analyze your coverage to make sure your assets are well protected. When problems do arise, our experienced claim professionals will help you mitigate questionable claims and assist you with litigation management and legal bill review.

Auto Liability

Whether you maintain a vast trucking operation or a large corporate fleet, we’ve got the adjusters and experience required to keep you on the road. We work with a wide range of clients, including public transportation agencies, commercial lines carriers and commercial rental and leasing firms. Our experienced claim professionals combine applicable state laws with certified appraisers and the latest online resources to provide exceptional claims service for auto liability and physical damage, cargo claims, garage keepers’ liability and more.

Professional Liability

Business moves at an accelerated speed. Decisions made in a moment can impact your business for years. That’s why CCMSI handles a wide range of employment practice and professional liability claims, including directors and officers’ liability, errors and omissions, discrimination, and harassment.

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