Loss Control

Find profit in prevention with proactive tools that help you eliminate risks from the workplace.

You work hard for your money. At CCMSI, we work just as hard to help you keep it, with customized loss control services that lower your risk while improving safety on the job.

From on-site loss control evaluations to ergonomic assessment, we have experience across a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive loss control services include:

On-Site Evaluation

From day one, we'll join you in the trenches, providing you with an in-depth, on-site evaluation to determine the effectiveness of all your existing occupational health and safety efforts. We'll translate those findings into benchmark numbers, as well as attainable goals and procedures that help you track your improvements in safety management, hazard-specific programs, OSHA compliance and more.

Ergonomic Assessment

Repetitive stress injuries are tough on your employees and even worse on your bottom line. From program assessment and worksite analysis to engineering, administrative and work controls, our loss control services will help you identify and eliminate the conditions that lead to painful injuries. We'll also provide the medical management for employees dealing with these issues, ensuring that they get the care and recovery they need to get back to an active life.

Regulatory Compliance Review

From OSHA to the local DOT, every year seems to bring another long list of regulations from agencies that supervise the workplace. At CCMSI, we'll help keep your operations up-to-date with in-depth compliance auditing, as well as the recommendations and training you need to bring your company in line with the latest local, state and national regulations.

Resources and Interactive Training

Over time, we've developed a tremendous archive of training materials related to loss control and workplace safety. When you partner with CCMSI, we'll make all of those resources available to you in a wide range of formats — from manuals and videos to interactive training modules available online — saving you the time and costs of producing in-house materials.

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