Claims Management

We Follow Client Instructions

We don’t just work for you. At CCMSI, we work with you, adapting our experience to your needs in order to target waste, lower cost, and deliver results. From the start, our exceptional claim professionals will work with your internal risk management team to develop client-specific service instructions and interactive protocols for efficient claim management. And then we’ll follow them to the letter, providing the strict compliance you need to put your policies in action, and your mind at ease.

Fast Claim Resolution

From the moment we open a claim, we’re working toward a successful close. That’s because we view every open claim as an open door to costs that can quickly get out of control. At CCMSI, we typically exceed our performance objectives. Over time, that’s led to a solid reputation for significant claim reductions with a positive impact on aged-loss portfolios and the management of new claims.

Request a Demo

Having trouble getting the data you want on your system? If your systems are falling flat, dragging on efficiency, accountability, and organization - let us know and we can arrange onsite demonstration and education sourced from 30 years of experience