Employee Testimonials

I began working for CCMSI in September of 2009 as a Senior Claim Representative. Prior to working for CCMSI I was employed by an insurance company who had decided to dissolve the TPA portion of their business. I had the choice to stay and handle claims for insured employers or move to CCMSI with two of my favorite self-insured clients. I found that CCMSI held a great reputation in our community. Everyone I talked to encouraged me to make the change and ultimately, I did. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Since the beginning of my employment I have been promoted to Claim Supervisor and then to Claim Manager. CCMSI’s philosophy to recognize talent internally and promote from within has allowed me to assist several people in advancing their careers as well, which is very rewarding.

I oversee three teams that are comprised of hardworking, dedicated, team players, which also makes my job a lot easier. When I need help with something, all I have to do is mention it and I instantly have several people volunteering to help. We also have a great support system that extends beyond our teams. When there is an issue, I am able to discuss the matter with my boss and other managers to develop and implement a solution. The ability to make changes as needed allows us to continue to provide the best service possible to our clients and handle claims appropriately. Working in this type of environment gives us a sense of pride, not only for what we accomplish each day, but also for being employees of CCMSI. I honestly would not work anywhere else.

Lezlie Wooten
Claim Manager
Las Vegas, NV

I actually first interviewed with CCMSI in 1997 at the suggestion of Dan Eversole in the St. Louis office. He and I worked together previously at a small monoline workers’ compensation carrier before he came to CCMSI in 1995 and we had kept in touch over those few years. Following my initial interview in 1997, I decided to stay put at my then-current company for a while, but eventually re-interviewed at CCMSI in 2001. Dan had actually called me in 2001 to ask about an adjuster we had both worked with previously who had applied at CCMSI. He mentioned casually that there was also a Claim Supervisor position open at CCMSI, but said “But I don’t suppose you’re interested in that.” I told him that he shouldn’t be so sure…

I started at CCMSI as a Claims Supervisor in August 2001 and became Claims Manager a year or so later. Following the acquisition/consolidation of NGS, OHMS and MSUSA in 2002-2003, I was asked to become a member of the new Corporate Claim Committee. It sounded like a great opportunity to work with people in other regions and have the chance to help develop and expand the Corporate Claim Best Practices for the company. There were 6 of us on the original CCC back in 2003 and 4 of those original 6 are still on the CCC 12 years later! This is a great testimonial to the culture of CCMSI. We often talk about the tenure of our employees and clients and how important that can be to the organization. I believe the tenure of all the current CCC members allows us to make quicker progress on important issues.

CCMSI has given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients, small and large. I have been able to handle claims, supervise claims and work with clients in an account management role. It would have been hard to imagine when I started that CCMSI would have some of the large regional and national clients we have now. For me personally, I’ve been able to become involved with clients and our company in ways that I could have never imagined 14 years ago. We have all seen the complexity of handling claims for our clients increase over the years due to a variety of reasons – Medicare, financial crisis & cyber-attacks. Because we do what we do, CCMSI helps our clients through these dangerous waters, and I like being a part of that.

Bill Aherns
Claims Manager & Account Manager
St. Louis, MO

I chose CCMSI just over 5 years ago because of their employee focused culture. I was immediately attracted to the vacation/holiday time, flex schedule and benefits. CCMSI offers a great work/ life balance, which has always been my number one priority. On my 5th day, the Chicago office hosted a Holiday party just for me (or so I’d like to think!). I realized after meeting everyone that this was an excellent employee culture and have stayed because I love working with everyone here, from the Chicago and Danville offices to both the east and west coast. Everyone in the Lisle office was equally friendly when I moved offices last year and I couldn’t be happier, living about a mile from the Lisle office.

Coming from an employment background with large, national corporations, I truly cherish and enjoy the autonomy to work with clients to develop business risk management plans that best suit their needs and vision. I love CCMSI’s client focused vision that centers around customer service. It is incredibly comforting attending sales calls with prospective clients and being able to honestly say that we will do everything we possibly can to service their needs. Working for a company with a culture centered around its employees and clients rather than a Board of Trustees or stockholders has been an enjoyable experience and I hope we embellish their qualities for a long time.


Ryan Fee
Account Manager
Lisle, IL

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