Retirement Planning

CCMSI is proud to be an employee owned company. CCMSI's savings and retirement benefits are designed to help you reach your future retirement goals.

The plans include:


The ESOP is designed to provide beneficial ownership of CCMSI stock to employees after one year of employment--the people who are primarily responsible for CCMSI's success. Beneficial ownership means that employees do not directly own shares of CCMSI stock, but employees do have shares held by the ESOP that are specifically allocated to them.

The ESOP is intended to provide employees with meaningful stake in CCMSI, additional economic security and, ultimately, an additional source of retirement income. The ESOP gives employees a unique opportunity to acquire a beneficial ownership interest in CCMSI stock at no direct cost to them.

The benefits employees receive from the ESOP will depend, to a great extent, on CCMSI's profitability and the employee's length of employment with CCMSI. In general, the longer an employee remains with CCMSI, the greater their interest in the ESOP will be. CCMSI hopes that this beneficial ownership opportunity will give employees a personal interest in CCMSI's success.


CCMSI's 401(k) is an auto-enrolled program in which all employees are eligible for a pre-tax deduction to save toward their retirement through a voluntary 401(k) account.