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We Know Where You're Coming From.

Every industry has its own language. When you have questions concerning a claim, it helps to talk to someone who’s fluent in yours. At CCMSI, we hire many of our best people from the industries we serve, which means we understand your business. And we use that advantage to help you solve problems fast.

Construction: Building a Foundation for Success

Construction. It's a tough job, with long days, heavy equipment and a lot of dangerous risks. At CCMSI, we have a special appreciation for the people who give our dreams the room they need to grow. We work hard to make sure their insurance needs are met, with fast claims administration, exceptional workers' compensation and dynamic loss control.

Manufacturing: Taking Care of Business

As globalization continues to pressure profit margins, smart companies are looking for ways to give their employees the benefits they deserve without blowing their bottom line. And at CCMSI, we've made that transition easy for a broad range of visionary companies - providing workers' compensation, OSHA compliance, detailed safety training and more - all in one convenient package.

Government: Closing the Revenue Gap

In an era of rising budget shortfalls, third-party administration is providing governments at every level with a way to cut back without cutting the services their constituents need. Let us show you how you can keep more cash in the public coffers with competitive TPA fees and customized programs tailored to your needs.

Health Care: A Pound of Prevention

As reimbursements continue to decline, clinics, hospitals and extended care facilities are searching for new ways to cut the costs eating into their bottom line. At CCMSI, we're helping them achieve that goal with near surgical precision, providing the workers' compensation, loss control and other cost-effective coverage required to stop the financial bleeding. And put them back in control.

Higher Education: Reading, 'Riting and Rising Costs

While tuitions are up across the board, so are the costs behind them. With less revenue coming from states' budgets, private endowments and other traditional sources, more colleges and universities are turning to TPAs for the help they need to cut costs. We know, because we've been there, working with some of the country's most prestigious institutions to lower their expenses while raising the academic bar.

Gaming: Putting the Odds in Your Favor

From tribal lands and offshore vessels to the heart of the Vegas strip, we've become the premier claims management administrator for the gaming industry. At CCMSI, we offer the aggressive loss control required to keep costs down and profits up. We couple that with a broad range of product offerings that cover every aspect of the gambling scene, from PPI and the Jones Act to Marine Hull and traditional workers' compensation.

Restaurants: Delivering Exceptional Service with Savings on the Side

From local franchises to national chains, we've helped countless restaurants savor the the sweet taste of success, thanks to a wide range of risk management solutions that bring costs under control. Whether you need managed care, OSHA compliance, or safety training on the latest fryer, we bring a lot to the table.

School Districts: Their Future Is Our Priority

Every year, it seems like cash-strapped school districts are being asked to deliver more for less. at CCMSI, we're helping them meet that impossible task, providing the competitive excess quotes, customized services and competitive TPA fees they need in order to put their limited dollars where they're needed most. In buildings. In programs. And in the lives of the children they serve.

Transportation: With You Wherever You Go

America's truck drivers are a critical component of our workforce, delivering resources and products that keep our economy moving. And yet, they're only part of the extensive transportation infrastructure that makes America work. From furniture movers and garbage haulers to auto dealers and vast public transit systems, we provide workers' compensation and loss control for a wide range of transportation-related firms. So whether they're moving products across the country or people across town, they know they can count on us to take a load off their mind.

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