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CCMSI – We Give You the Boutique Experience

By definition, a boutique is “any small, exclusive business offering customized service.” But providing a Boutique Experience doesn’t have to be only small companies.

CCMSI is committed to continuing to give the small company service, with all the resources of a powerhouse. We are dedicated, focused and committed to embracing the “Boutique Experience.”

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If your systems are falling flat, dragging on efficiency, accountability, and organization- let us know and we can arrange onsite demonstration and education sourced from 30 years of experience

What Makes Us Different?

We create innovative multi-line property and casualty solutions for thousands of companies, both large and small. We deliver what matters most to our clients and will not compromise our service standards. Our employees have a vested interest in our company, making them impassioned in our service and your success.

We believe in building deep relationships between our customers and our employees. Our adjusters are assigned to accounts and stay there. What does this mean for you? You develop history and a relationship. We keep caseloads manageable which allows employees to perform all the functions they need to in order complete your files. They have time to personally review each bill and in turn, bills are paid on time.

As a boutique TPA, we have the flexibility to make custom changes to each program. These customizations are directed by the client, but more importantly, understood and followed by their team of CCMSI adjusters. We establish an upfront discussion with our clients and lay out explicitly what their requests are.

We include everyone in the conversation. Isn’t that how a true team works?

We believe in over communicating. And this transparent communication policy, helps foster personal relationships with clients and claimants so that we can deliver the best financial outcomes and customer satisfaction.

When you work with CCMSI, you have the comfort of knowing that we know you and can anticipate what your needs are.

For more than 30 years, that's exactly what we've delivered to a growing list of forward-thinking clients.
In return, they've rewarded us with their business and trust. 98% of the clients who choose CCMSI, stay with CCMSI.